Big Brother 2016: Georgina Leigh Cantwell annoyed by Jackson Blyton 'on her last night'

Big Brother 2016

Jackson Blyton and Georgina Leigh Cantwell clash on tonight's Big Brother.

It's as she predicts her eviction and he gets very drunk.

First, Georgina complains about the way Jackson speaks: “It’s my final night and the last thing I want is some gangster talking to me…

"I’m not talking to Bob Marley right now, you’re literally talking like Bob Marley”

Jackson reacts: “From now on I’ll continue to speak like this and impress your family and friends cause you know I could just go off having fun with Evelyn like everyone wants me to do”

Georgina storms off to speak to Big Brother in the Diary Room: “It could be my last night and he wants to go an neck fish bowls…don’t come back into the room and say 'babe I could be out there having fun with Evelyn'…

"I won’t be taking comments like that. I’m insecure as it is with guys…it just really hurts my feelings”

Jackson meets Georgina when she leaves the Diary Room and tells her: “I speak the way I speak sometimes cause that’s me. I want you to love me for who I am…I don’t want to upset you…You’re my missus, it’s the last thing I want to do”

Jackson then speaks to Big Brother in the Diary Room himself: “What really annoys me is that I hear comments like she’d be embarrassed to take me to meet her family...I think maybe she would be?...

"I don’t see her anything more than someone I admire...I see her as an incredible person so I treat her as an incredible person”

Later, Georgina and Jackson are in the bathroom together where she admits: “I’m overwhelmed…I have always wanted to be with somebody to talks to me how you do…Now I have it I don’t know what to think, how to say, how to react…”

Jackson replies: “I’ve had way too much to drink tonight”

Georgina tells him: “I just really didn’t expect you to get drunk on what could be my last night”

Big Brother airs tonight at 9PM on Channel 5.

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