Big Brother 2016: Avocado-gate takes over the house...

Big Brother 2016

The case of the missing avocados has been the topic of conversation in the Big Brother house.

And the row over food saw an unlikely alliance as Evelyn Ellis, Laura Carter and Georgina Leigh Cantwell put their differences aside to team up together.

Who knew it would take an avocado?

The trio were keen to get to the bottom of where the group's avocados had been disappearing to and pinned the blame on Emma Jensen.

Accusing her of smuggling avocados, Laura said of Emma: "I don't thinks is fair."

Georgina agreed: "She popped up two days ago with an avocado and it was out of date and it has gone stale and pushy."

Evelyn pondered: "Where is she hiding them?"

Laura continued: "We can't spend that much money on avocados for one person to eat them."

Evelyn added: "I've never heard the word avocado so much before joining this house."

Big Brother continues tonight at 9PM on Channel 5.

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