Big Brother 2016 housemates all enjoy a mass debate

debate task

The Big Brother 2016 housemates took part in a mass debate for their latest task in the house.

The group split into two teams to each give opposing views over important issues and hot topics.

But don't worry, there were no clashes over Brexit or who should be the next Prime Minister here,
as housemates instead discussed things a little closer to home.

One of the topics up for debate was 'Should you have sex in the Big Brother House?'

Georgina represented her team and Laura did the deed for her group.

Laura began: "Sex is a basic, primal human instinct. Every single person from the beginning of time has had sex and it's about being true to yourself and true to how you feel

"Nobody has had pornographic sex in the Big Brother house, I think it's quite refreshing to break the taboo.:

She concluded: "If two people come together and share a mutual, physical and motional connection then I believe why should it be considered such a crime to have sex in the Big Brother house?"

Georgina put her team's arguments forward: "It's a private and personal, intimate moment between people."

"Ultimately you're giving people free porn," she continued, "In Laura's case there was a lot of regret."

Over estimating BB's viewing figures by a good few million, Georgina concluded that there would be millions of people watching including friends and family.

It was then over to independent Lateysha to decide which side had won, choosing Georgina's team.

Big Brother continues nightly on Channel 5.

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