Big Brother 2016: Georgina Leigh Cantwell insists she's not mean to Jackson Blyton

Big Brother 2016

Georgina Leigh Cantwell has explained just why she is so moany and insisted she's not mean to boyfriend Jackson Blyton.

In a chat with rival Evelyn Ellis, Georgina claimed: "I was worse before he came back [from the Other house] because I was having a **** time.

"I've spoken before about how I can't express emotions and how I'm really weird with guys, what you guys see when I'm 'being mean' to him, it's because I'm really uncomfortable being loving and affectionate."

She continued: "I'm trying to work on that because it would obviously squander things with him if I'm so negative.

"But he knows when we're one on one I'm completely different. It's just unfortunate that his name came up [in nominations] and people said I changed him, I think that really cut him and me. I don't want to be that girlfriend."

Evelyn then revealed: "I feel like sometimes Jackson can't talk to me."

Georgina insisted there was a reason for that, explaining what Jackson had previously said her: "I was like, you can't sit there and tell me you were trying to get with her [Evelyn] and me and you didn't know which one was going to go for you... and then expect me to not be wary."

Big Brother continues nightly on Channel 5.

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