Big Brother update! Chocolate row, grumpy Georgina and an eviction massacre!

Big Brother 2016

Here's all of the latest news and gossip from the world of Big Brother over the past 24 hours.

- It was Day 23 yesterday and day two of the BB Corp shopping task.

- The senior team, led by big boss Chelsea, pranked Lateysha by making her only communicate in animal noises.

- Andy was also on the receiving end of the senior team's power trip as he was told to pretend to be a cat.

- One of the REAL challenges of the task saw the office workers having to untangle paper clips, stuff envelopes and organise coloured pens.

- Georgina was told to cheer up as part of the task but her response was just to be even more miserable and continue to moan.

- In the boardroom there were clashes between the senior staff as Chelsea and Ryan rowed over a chocolate bar, of all things.

- A MAJOR twist is coming to the show with an 'annihilation' week starting July 11 which will end with an 'eviction massacre'.

- Clips from the housemates' TV appearances before BB have been unearthed: Watch Laura's showreel and Georgina's stint on Taking New York.

- While four face eviction this week, bookies are suggesting it's really a head to head between Georgina and Evelyn to get the boot on Friday.

- Big Brother ratings last night went up to 1.2 million viewers, one of its best figures since launch week.

- The latest Big Brother highlights air tonight at 9PM with Bit On The Side at 11PM.

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