Big Brother 2016: Nominations played back to the housemates!

Big Brother 2016

Big Brother just can NOT resist the temptation to stir up trouble this year it seems.

Following the latest round of nominations yesterday - which played out in tonight's highlights - four face eviction from the house.

Andy West, Jayne Connery, Georgina Leigh Cantwell and Evelyn Ellis received the most votes from their fellow housemates and now they know just who voted for them.

It should have been obvious that Big Brother was up to something when the four nominated housemates were selected to take part in a challenge as part of the new BB Corp shopping task.

Big Brother told the four housemates they had to man the complaints desk, answering calls from disgruntled customers.

What in fact they received were recordings from the housemates who had nominated them, as Big Brother played back the nominations via the phone.

The nominated housemates had to keep a straight face, take the comments on board and deal with the complaints in order to pass the challenge.

Of course once the task is over, we're predicting there could be some fireworks...

Big Brother continues nightly on Channel 5.

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