Big Brother meets The Office for brand new shopping task

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The Big Brother house looks more like a scene out of The Office for this week's shopping task.

And Big Brother even has its own David Brent in the form of Chelsea Singh, who is the boss of Big Brother's Corporation, BB Corp.

This morning the housemates awoke to find the living area looking very different with desks and computers.

All housemates were provided with uniforms as they got to work for BB Corp, led by boss Chelsea.

All employees of BB Corp must:

- Follow all instructions from head office.
- Show respect to senior members of the team.
- Address senior members as Sir or Madam .
- Remember they are always representing their company inside and outside of working hours.
- Should not swear, should look presentable and maintain a professional demeanour.
- Should arrive at work with a positive mental attitude, which must be upheld through the day
- Be ambitious, motivated and show a good work ethic.
- Cook and provide any food required by senior workers.
- Only take lunch and cigarette breaks when permitted by senior workers.
- Man the intercom at all times to contact the head office.

As boss, Chelsea can promote employees to the senior team to help him keep the company running and workers following all the rules.

To pass the task, housemates must not break the above guidelines and should complete all challenges set.

If their client satisfaction score remains high enough by the end, they'll win a luxury budget for the next week ahead.

Otherwise it'll be another week on basic rations.

Big Brother continues nightly on Channel 5.

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