Big Brother 2016 housemates punished for nominations talk AGAIN

Big Brother 2016

The Big Brother 2016 housemates have been punished for discussing nominations once more.

But it seems Big Brother has still yet to find his balls, doing nothing more than turning the hot water off again.

It didn't work the first time, BB...

This morning the housemates awoke to the sound of Big Brother booming into the bedroom.

He announced: "As you know it is against the rules for housemates to discuss their nominations with each other.

"Last night the rules were broken again.

"And as a result, the hot water will remain switched off until further notice."

It's the second time Big Brother has left the housemates in the cold following another rule break just before noms.

In the bedroom on Sunday, Lateysha blabbed to Chelsea and Hughie about who she nominated last week before the trio spoke about the upcoming nominations and how they believed that Jayne may be voted for eviction next.

The poor punishments are getting a bit boring, especially when Big Brother was meant to be showing a more 'evil' side this year.

Let's see those who talk about nominations being at least banned from voting or even going straight up for eviction.

Messing with the plumbing doesn't make for great TV...

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