Big Brother 2016: Alex Cannon snogs Jayne Connery!

alex jayne bbuk

Alex Cannon and Jayne Connery locked lips in the Big Brother 2016 house last night.

It was after a game of spin the bottle truths that Big Brother had provided the group.

One by one each housemate had to spin a bottle and whoever it pointed to had to answer a truth question provided by Big Brother.

Jayne was asked who she wanted to snog, responding: "I would have to be absolutely frigid not to want to snog the face off Alex."

And Alex quickly obliged, straddling Jayne to give her a kiss, leaving her stunned.

Elsewhere in the task, Sam declared Lateysha the most trustworthy, Emma said Ryan made her laugh the most and Alex claimed Jackson was the most beautiful housemate.

Furthermore, Andy claimed Laura was the most interesting housemate and Hughie answered Georgina when asked who had the best hair.

Hard hitting questions there, Big Brother...

Big Brother continues tonight at 9PM on Channel 5.

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