Big Brother 2016: What did Ryan Ruckledge and Hughie Maughan do in bed?!

Big Brother 2016

Ryan Ruckledge and Hughie Maughan shocked the other housemates with their antics in the Big Brother bedroom on tonight's show.

This evening's latest highlights began with a warning of 'sexual activity that may distress some viewers', so we all know it was going to end in some night-vision action.

During the show, we saw Ryan lose a task that resulted in him being banned from Chelsea Singh's birthday party, along with Chelsea himself.

Big Brother 2016

Not wanting to miss out, in the kitchen, Ryan and Chelsea decided to make their own cocktails along with Alex and Sam.

But Ryan was quickly sick all over the living area after drinking the concoction he created.

In the diary room, Ryan told Big Brother that he had a weak stomach and apologised for being sick as Big Brother told him to act his age.

But none of that put Hughie off: The pair were then seen hugging and kissing on the sofas.

Ryan told him; “I love you, well I don’t actually love you but you know what I mean. Hughie you mess my head up!”

Later, the lights were out and all the housemates were in the bedroom while a shocked Laura and Evelyn watched Hughie and Ryan get closer together.

"Oh my God!" they reacted to what they were seeing.

Day 20 Evelyn and Laura.

What exactly was going on under the covers we'll never know but it was messy. Literally.

"Hughie, you're evil," Ryan was heard whispering, "You got it all over me."

The guys weren't the only housemates getting cosy, as there were also some VERY dodgy actions coming from under the sheets of Georgina and Jackson's bed.

The pair put their rows behind them as they seemed to take their relationship to a new level.

Day 20 Ryan and Hughie.

Big Brother continues nightly on Channel 5.

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