Big Brother 2016 nominations talk means punishment for the housemates

Big Brother 2016

There has been breaking of Big Brother's rules regarding nominations in the house this week.

On tonight's show, some of the housemates both reveal who they have nominated in the past and plot who will be nominated next.

In the bedroom, Lateysha blabs to Chelsea and Hughie about who she nominated last week, and that she thinks she will be up this week.

Both tell her she is going to do well and that she may make the final.

Next, the trio talk about the upcoming nominations and how they believe that Jayne may be voted for eviction next.

Today in the house, Big Brother has dished out a punishment.

Gathering the group, Big Brother announced: "Housemates, it's nominations time.

"However before nominations begin, Big Brother has some important news," going on to reveal that some housemates had broken the rules.

Big Brother then read out Lateysha, Hughie and Chelsea's conversation before unveiling their super harsh punishment.

"As a result the hot water has been switched off until further notice," Big Brother told the group.

That'll show 'em!

Elsewhere in tonight's show, Lateysha clears the air with Jason after branding him a game player in a task on Saturday.

She says as the pair hug it out: “Hand on heart I don’t think you’re a game player. I think you are an amazing guy and don’t want to feel awkward. You are like the dad of the house!”

Big Brother airs tonight at 9PM on Channel 5.

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