Big Brother housemates get party task for Chelsea Singh's birthday

Big Brother 2016

Chelsea Singh got TWO parties for his birthday in the Big Brother house today.

In a new task, Ryan and Lateysha went head to head with Sam and Jackson in a battle of the birthday celebrations.

But while Ryan and Lateysha's party was amazing, Sam and Jackson's was not.

The rival pairs had to convince the other housemates, including birthday boy Chelsea, to join their parties in order to win the task.

There were promises ranging from luxury cocktails to appearances from Nikki Grahame as all four lied through their teeth to persuade the other housemates to join their respective parties.

Chelsea was the first to pick and went with Ryan and Lateysha's party, and celebrated as he found out he had made the right choice.

However the next set of housemates to pick: Georgina, Alex, Evelyn and Jayne all decided to join Jackson and Sam's party, unaware it was in fact a dud.

The final group were split Hughie, Emma and Andy joined Ryan and Lateysha while Hughie and Charlie opted to join Jackson and Sam.

Having secured the most housemates to their party, even if it was awful, Sam and Jackson won the task.

Although while they may have lost, Lateysha, Ryan, Hughie, Emma and Andy did still get to have a celebratory drink with Chelsea.

The full task and Big Brother's plan for the winning group will air in Monday night's highlights from 9PM

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