Big Brother 2016: Georgina in tears after seeing Jackson near Evelyn

Big Brother 2016

Georgina Leigh Cantwell was in tears in the Big Brother 2016 house today with her jealousy of Evelyn Ellis seemingly spiralling out of control.

Georgina hasn't hidden her dislike for Evelyn, evening going as far as to complain about her sleeping too long and wearing too few clothes to bed.

She gave 'boyfriend' Jackson Blyton a BAN on being near her, despite all three being stuck inside the Big Brother house.

And when she saw Evelyn and Ryan passing time by giving Jackson a makeover, Georgina made her feelings clear.

Well, not to Evelyn's face, of course.

"Are you serious, what's he doing?" she reacted, watching Evelyn and Jackson in the bedroom from the living area.

She later took up the issue with Jackson in the pod.

"The one person I said, don't associate with her because I don't like her," Georgina told Jackson. "If you come into the room and Alex is rubbing my shoulders or something you'd be like 'What are you doing?!'

"You f**king sit there and have her doing your make up of all people."

Jackson insisted: "I'm not trying to annoying you."

But she wasn't having it: "Why don't you swap beds with Evelyn, f**king sleep with her!"

Dismissing Jackson's offer of a hug and walking away, Georgina fumed: "I don't want to be around you right now, you're so stupid."

Big Brother continues nightly on Channel 5.

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