Big Brother 2016: This is why Charlie Doherty is sure Jason Burrill will take her back

Big Brother 2016

Charlie Doherty has revealed why she's just so confident about winning Jason Burrill back on Big Brother.

Charlie has declared her love to ex Jason and despite him friend-zoning her - repeatedly - she still hasn't lost hope of a reunion.

Chatting to the housemates yesterday, Charlie explained just why she knew it was going to happen: A psychic told her.

Charlie began: "I saw a reader before coming in here, she read my hand and said you're not going to die of cancer, you're not going to die of anything disease wise you're going to die of old age."

With that downer out of the way, she continued: "Then she said, 'Who's your recent relationship, you're going to get back with him' and I was like 'No we're not' 'cause this was when we were like not happening.

"But she was like 'Yeah, you will, and there's a baby here, a son and it's coming up very close, very close.'

"She went 'Mark my words, he will be born within two years and its going to be to this ex'."

Charlie went on to tell the group: "Right at the end she went 'Are there any other questions?' and I went 'Do you see anything else coming up?' and she just smiled and went 'You're going to be on TV but you already know that don't you?'"

It turns out that Charlie wasn't the only housemate to have had a reading before joining the series this summer.

Lateysha revealed of her experience: "They said I was coming in here and I was going to earn a lot and a lot of money."

Big Brother airs nightly nightly on Channel 5.

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