Big Brother 2016: Andy West confronts bitchy housemates and things get heated

Big Brother 2016

Things got heated in the Big Brother 2016 house last night when Andy West confronted who he felt were 'gossiping' housemates.

He confided in Chelsea Singh: "I'm getting sick and tired of this gossiping and whispering behind people's backs to undermine them, it's transparent and childish and I'm actually getting quite angry about it now.

"If I know someone is b***hing about someone, do I say and create s**t? If I start telling you about it then I'm a gossip and a b***h and I won't be one."

Later, Andy took his problems to some of the housemates' faces, namely Lateysha Grace, Sam Giffen and Ryan Ruckledge.

He said: "I do feel particularly in the bedroom there are conversations about other people in the house that make me feel uncomfortable and I don't think are always very fair."

Andy pointed out comments made by Georgina about Evelyn and remarks from Lateysha about Hughie.

Lateysha hit back at Andy's claims but he told her: "The way I see it, saying something to someone's face doesn't give you carte blanche to be attacking them behind their backs."

Lateysha reacted: "Don't f**kng sit there and act as if I was slagging him off when I was saying everything to his face."

Things then begun to get heated with Sam lashing out at Andy for his accusations, while Ryan snapped: "You're probably the biggest game player in here!"

Big Brother airs tonight at 9PM on Channel 5.

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