Big Brother 2016 housemates slam Jayne Connery for refusing to say goodbye to Natalie Rowe

Big Brother 2016

The Big Brother 2016 housemates slammed Jayne Connery for refusing to say goodbye to Natalie Rowe in tonight's show.

Natalie had faced the public vote in the week alongside Hughie Maughan and Charlie Doherty following the latest round of nominations last weekend.

Having polled the most votes to leave, Natalie exited the house in the live show on Friday but Jayne refused to say goodbye.

Instead, she stayed put on the sofas in silence.

In the Diary Room, Jayne told Big Brother about Natalie's eviction: "I reacted as dignified as I could be. I will not be two faced, to get up and hug Natalie would not be right.

"I wanted to show that her words and actions affected me so I sat there. I wouldn't gloat and I didn't gloat.

"We're all in a house together and I stand by my conviction, I won't go with the pack."

Outside, Sam Giffen blasted: "I think from a grown woman it's absolutely diabolical behaviour."

Ryan Ruckledge branded Jayne "rude" while in the Diary Room, Georgina Leigh Cantwell told Big Brother: "I just wish it was Jayne who had gone. She's just not a good person. She is a daemon, she's possessed. She is nuts.

"What she did was so disgraceful, disrespectful and immature. You're a grown woman, show some respect."

Earlier in the day and before the eviction, Georgina had been complaining about Jayne to Lateysha Grace after she tried to leave the house the day before.

Georgina said: "I don't think she appreciates her place here... she's like a Disney witch with a poisoned apple."

Big Brother continues nightly on Channel 5.

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