Big Brother 2016: Evelyn Ellis is punished by being sent to jail

evelyn jailed

Evelyn Ellis is spendng the night in Big Brother's jail in the house this evening.

It follows a brand new task, which had input from us viewers.

Earlier today, the housemates took part in a game of 'Would you Rather?'. One at a time, housemates stepped up to a podium in the garden and were faced with two options and asked 'What would you rather?'.

Amongst the things they had to choose between were enjoying an over the top fake fan, shaving an eye brow off, being gunged, eating a raw onion and getting drenched in fish guts.

However the decision was not down to the housemate themselves. Instead the rest of the group had to vote for what THEY would rather see the housemate do.

As each dilemma was posed to one of the housemates, the others raised either a red or blue paddle to indicate which forfeit they wanted to see completed.

Housemates successfully completed all the challenges as chosen and therefore passed the task, winning a dinner party full of their favourite foods.

But Big Brother then dropped a bombshell: "However the task is not over. Since yesterday, Big Brother asked viewers which two housemates they thought least deserved a reward. Big Brother can now reveal the two housemates with the most votes were Chelsea and Evelyn."

The final 'Would you rather?' question was then posed to the group who had to decide which of the two should be punished.

The housemates picked on Evelyn despite Chelsea asking them to pick him and as a result she will miss out on the dinner party.

Furthermore, she must spend the night in the garden in Big Brother's jail.

"It's okay guys, it's all part of the Big Brother experience," reacted Evelyn.

Big Brother airs nightly on Channel 5.

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