Big Brother 2016: Ryan Ruckledge propositions Hughie Maughan in the pod

ryan hughie

Ryan Ruckledge propositioned Hughie Maughan in the Big Brother 2016 house last night.

The pair were snuggling up in the pod before Ryan decided to give Hughie a lap dance although it was more a case of a lap sit as Ryan straddled Hughie on the sofa.

"No, not like that, I didn't realise you were just going to climb on board," Hughie told him. "I'm not a horse! You better not fart!"

"I need to ask you something but you will probably say no," said Ryan, still atop of Hughie. "It's quite serious."

Getting in close to whisper in the hopes that Big Brother wouldn't hear (spoiler: he did), Ryan told Hughie: "I really need to ask you something, do you fancy having sex tonight?"

An unimpressed Hughie immediately told Ryan to get away and even said no to a kiss.

"Why you being so horrible to me? Do you not actually like me?" Ryan asked Hughie.

"I'll give you a cuddle instead," offered Hughie.

As the pair embraced, the Irish housemate added: "You are such a lovely boy. You're like my little brother."

A shocked Ryan reacted: "How many little brothers do you neck on with?!"

Big Brother continues nightly on Channel 5.

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