Big Brother 2016: Natalie Rowe claims Jayne Connery should have been ejected

Big Brother 2016

Natalie Rowe has claimed that Jayne Connery was given a formal warning by Big Brother and should have been ejected.

It follows a face to face confrontation between the pair where Jayne threatened to "annihilate" Natalie.

Big Brother stepped in and called a stressed out Jayne to the Diary Room as things between the warring duo escalated.

Speaking after her eviction last night, Natalie revealed: "She was given a formal warning because she actually said that she is going to annihilate me on the outside and that's an actual threat."

She said in a press conference: "What I find strange is that if I had done that to Jayne, I think I would have been ejected from the Big Brother house and in her case she wasn't. And that p***es me off!"

Natalie went on to brand Jayne's behaviour in the house as a "performance" to win over viewers.

She explained: "What she actually wanted to happen, because she knows my temperament, and that was to get right in my face and she thought that I would then react by lashing out.

"I wouldn't have lashed out because I wouldn't have hit the old witch that she is. I decided that I'm going to play my own game and literally do nothing, but to be fair, had she put her hand on me it would have been a different story. She didn't."

Natalie concluded: "I didn't respond, and she's a f**king idiot and she had to prance off in her high heels like the old sell by date b***h she is."

Tell us what you REALLY think, Natalie!

The fallout from Natalie's eviction airs tonight when Big Brother continues at 10PM on Channel 5.

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