Big Brother 2016: Lateysha Grace gets a secret task to cause trouble

Big Brother 2016

Lateysha Grace was set a secret task in the Big Brother 2016 house today.

The MTV reality star was called to the Diary Room and told by Big Brother that she had to become the biggest diva.

Up for grabs if she passed was a very special prize, but could she pull it off?

Well Lateysha certainly gave it her all, first complaining to Hughie about her food before crying over a cold toastie.

"I'm eating a cold grilled sandwich," she sobbed.

Lateysha then tried to make Chelsea get her a drink but he wasn't having any of it: "Who do you think I am your b***h?" however she did make him fan her in bed after pulling the PMS card.

Meanwhile, Ryan had fulfilled Lateysha's demands for a cup of tea but on taking a sip she instantly spat it out across the living room floor (which was still drying out from yesterday's flood...)

Lateysha moaned: "That is the worst cup of tea in my life, what the f**k is that? It tastes like a dog's f**king a**e."

And no, we've no idea how Lateysha knows what that tastes like.

For the final part of the task, Lateysha threw a Nikki Grahame-style strop on the bedroom floor over an outfit.

Find out if she passes in Big Brother 2016's latest highlights show at 10PM on Saturday night.

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