Big Brother 2016: Evelyn Ellis and Georgina Leigh Cantwell clash again

Big Brother 2016

Big Brother's Evelyn Ellis and Georgina Leigh Cantwell have clashed again following a bitchy bust up earlier.

The pair rowed previously when Georgina branded Evelyn a stupid cow for sleeping during the day, against Big Brother rules.

A little later and in the smoking area, Evelyn wanted an apology from Georgina but she was adamant she had done nothing wrong.

"I would've called anyone a stupid cow who was sleeping during the day having been told 3 times to get up," Georgina declared.

"I don't know what your problem is," Evelyn told her.

"Maybe I'm still a little bit offended about you b***ing about my friends," replied Georgina, referring to the task earlier in the week where clips of the housemates were played back to the group. "That's not going to pass overnight.

"It's a little bit uncomfortable for me. I'm not just somebody who can brush it aside. I've been polite, I've been civil, but I don't have to be BFFs with you. I've not f**ked you off."

Evelyn snapped: "That's bulls**t."

Laura Carter jumped to the Aussie's defence: "Can you say you haven't said anything about anybody?"

Georgina claimed: "I tend to just say it to their face."

But an angry Evelyn reacted: "Are you serious Georgina? I've heard you talk s**t about so many people in this house."

She continued: "The thing is we had the dignity to apologise for what we did but you haven't. I came and slept on the blanket and you called me a stupid cow."

Big Brother continues nightly on Channel 5.

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