Big Brother 2016: Evelyn Ellis and Georgina Leigh Cantwell have a bitchy bust up

Big Brother 2016

Evelyn Ellis and Georgina Leigh Cantwell had a bit of a bust up in the Big Brother 2016 house yesterday.

The two came to blows when Big Brother told Evelyn to wake up after falling to sleep in the bedroom during the day.

"This is big brother, Evelyn is reminded that sleeping in the day time is prohibited," she was told.

"Stupid cow," reacted Georgina.

"You're a stupid cow," responded Evelyn.

"Okay, Ev," replied Georgina.

"Are you serious?" said Evelyn. "We've just had this whole thing about talking behind people's backs..."

Georgina interrupted: "Well you heard me so I wasn't talking behind your back, you shouldn't be f**king sleeping.... I literally don't care.'

She went on: "It does f**k me off because the minute I close an eyelid they're like 'WAKE UP!' and then everyone else gets naps."

As Evelyn left the room, Georgina snapped: "Stupid **** , she's just going to b***h about me anyway."

Jackson pointed out: "You did just call her a stupid cow."

But Georgina concluded: "She deserved it."

Big Brother continues nightly on Channel 5.

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