Big Brother 2016: Jayne Connery threatens to "annihilate" Natalie Rowe

Big Brother 2016

Jayne Connery and Natalie Rowe have a blazing row in tonight's Big Brother 2016 that ends with Jayne being called to the Diary Room.

It begins with part of the shopping task involving watching clips of Housemates talking behind each other’s back to test if they can control their emotions. Big Brother shows Laura and Evelyn talking about Sam being a game player, and Laura and Evelyn talking about Charlie.

The Housemates then argue as Charlie first complains over the clips: “If she [Evelyn] truly thought that why didn’t she say it to my face, I appreciate someone has prejudged me which I knew they would, she needs to leave me alone…

"You’ve known Jason two weeks, you don’t know him on the outside, my heart was pumping outside of my f**king chest, you don’t know me so don’t pre judge…I have an ex boyfriend that I’m still in love with in here and I have no one to turn to!”

Jayne and Natalie then argue, escalating to the point that Jayne walks into Natalie’s face before being called to the Diary Room:

Jayne snaps: “What did you say?”

Natalie replies: “Get out of my face… w***e”

Jayne rages: “I’ll annihilate you outside…takes one to know one.

The explosive argument is just one of many in tonight's show, including Natalie also arguing with Laura over last night's wine-gate.

Having spent the night away from the house in Big Brother's spare bedroom Natalie admits: “It’s really hard to come back in here cause who wants to come back into this hostile environment."

Big Brother airs tonight at 9PM on Channel 5.

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