Big Brother 2016: Jason Burrill has some harsh words for Charlie Doherty

Big Brother 2016

It looks like any chance of Jason Burrill and Charlie Doherty reuniting in the Big Brother 2016 house are dead in the water.

The former couple came face to face on Sunday night having entered the show in separate houses originally unaware of the other's presence.

On seeing one another, Charlie declared her love for Jason while he reacted with a face that will go down in Big Brother history.

In the house today, Jason took Charlie aside to make his feelings about her clear.

"I've come here to say something, to clear the air and put this straight," he began. "I'm treading on egg shells and if I don't make it clear and it doesn't seem to be clear and I thought I had been clear.

"I'm telling you again, nothing is going to happen in here. In here we're just going to be friends. We're here for the experience. I want to get on."

Charlie replied: "I want to be with you Jason, that's the whole point."

Jason continued: "I've made it perfectly clear, in here I just want to be friends. we're going back to how we were beforehand and it wasn't good, it wasn't nice.

"Here is not the time nor the place to talk."

Charlie told him: "I can't be friends with someone I'm in love with.

"I'll be very amicable in this house, I won't make anyone feel awkward, but my feelings are on the line here.

"No one else's in the house, not yours, I'm the only one who has these feelings. It's f**king s**t but I've got to deal with it."

Big Brother continues nightly on Channel 5.

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