Big Brother 2016: Natalie Rowe given official warning for unacceptable behaviour

Big Brother 2016

Natalie Rowe has been given an official warning on Big Brother 2016.

It followed an explosive argument over alcohol on tonight's show that left Natalie sleeping away from the main house in the spare bedroom.

Things became heated at gone midnight when Big Brother told housemates that booze had been provided in the storeroom.

In the kitchen, Ryan poured wine for some of the group before Natalie snatched the bottle from his hands and started pouring herself, Lateysha and Emma a glass, leaving some housemates annoyed.

Day 15 Evelyn.

A row then erupted during which Natalie hit out at Laura.

Ryan yelled: “Horror! An absolute horror!” as the housemates got angry with Natalie and Elvyn screamed: "She hit her, she f**king hit her."

As things escalated, Big Brother intervened and called Natalie to the diary room.

She stated: “They clearly don’t like me! I’ve been trying my best. It’s like I’m their target.”

Big Brother told Natalie: "Big Brother deems your behaviour to be aggressive and unacceptable. The behaviour must not be repeated under any circumstances," before issuing her with an official formal warning.

As Natalie spent the night in Big Brother's spare bedroom, in the main house the housemates were split over who was in the wrong.

Sam said: "I did feel that people went crazy at her. I thought Ryan was going to swing for her! He was far too in her face, I felt a bit sorry for her.

"She had no choice but to move Laura’s hand out her way, it was her first reaction. She’s not a bad person.”

Meanwhile, Hughie told Jayne and Charlie about what happened; “It’s nice to know that karma is a b***h!”

bbuk natalie room

In the kitchen, Laura and Evelyn were also discussing the evening’s events. They both agreed that they like Natalie but thought what she did was wrong.

Big Brother continues nightly on Channel 5 at 9PM.

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