Big Brother stirs up MORE trouble with a new bitching task

Big Brother 2016

Big Brother has decided to try and cause more arguments in the house today with its latest task.

After last night's major bust up involving most of the house, you'd have perhaps thought Big Brother might decide to play things a little more calmly today.

But instead, Big Brother went all out to try and stir up trouble.

Yesterday saw Big Brother set the housemates a brand new shopping challenge involving mind games.

Lateysha, Andy and Chelsea were appointed as the brainpower housemates, and they must decide the outcome of various tasks designed to test their fellow housemates.

Day 1 saw arguments with Natalie being branded 'useless' in her part of the challenge while both she and Jayne were left upset after being named the most fake and least sexy respectively in another game.

Today the tasks continued and Big Brother wasn't hiding the fact he wanted to stir up emotions in the housemates.

"Big Brother will now show you clips of people in the house talking about you and other housemates," Big Brother explained to the group. "You must attempt to mask your emotions and conceal how you are really feeling. You must pay attention to every single detail because everything you will see will become important later."

Clips played included Andy complaining about Georgina stirring and moaning, Ryan bitching about Natalie, Evelyn's complaints about Charlie and Laura accusing Sam of gameplaying.

Can the housemates control their emotions for the task?

And just what fireworks can we expect when the challenge is over and they're free to say what they're REALLY thinking?

Big Brother continues nightly on Channel 5.

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