Big Brother 2016: Marco defends Laura after his ex-fiancée brands her a "f**king bitch"

Big Brother 2016

Marco Pierre White Jr has defended Laura Carter after his former fiancée branded her a "f**king bitch".

Kim Melville-Smith blasted Laura yesterday in an interview with Heat magazine.

She said: "How dare she [Laura]. It's just f**king rude. She's so disrespectful. I think she's an absolutely f**king bitch.

"I've met some of Marco's ex-girlfriends and they're really nice. They are not tarty and chavy and trashy like she is."

Kim admitted she "physically threw up" when she she "saw him kissing that girl."

And talking about THAT 'hall pass', Kim explained: "I did give him permission to have a relationship on the show, that was his plan. Not to have sex.

"I said, 'If you have sex, that's it, we're through.'

"I never thought things would happen so soon. He's upset everyone and I don't know where I stand."

Taking to Twitter, Marco hit out at his ex and defended Laura.

"Laura did nothing wrong I had a hall pass don’t blame her,” he tweeted following his eviction on Friday.

Meanwhile Kim tweeted after her split from Marco: "I wish I was a little girl again,coz skinned knees r a lot easier to fix, why is it so hard sometimes #heartbroken”

Big Brother continues nightly on Channel 5.

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