Big Brother 2016: Lateysha Grace and Jayne Connery in explosive row

late jayne

Lateysha Grace and Jayne Connery clashed in an explosive row in the Big Brother 2016 house yesterday.

It followed Jayne going on a bit of a rampage at the housemates over the state of the house having moved in from the other house on Sunday night.

After Jayne ranted at the group about the "pigsty" of a kitchen they were using, Chelsea Singh complained: "What's she f**king going on about for no reason?"

Andy West said: "I get the sense both her and Natalie are looking for a row all the time, I don't know why.

"They've been here for two [days], I think 'Just take it easy'"

But Jayne wasn't taking it easy, moving from the kitchen to the bedroom.

"What's this?!" she moaned about the state of the beds.

"It's a bedroom..." a puzzled Sam Giffen replied.

"There's sixteen of us living here, it's not going to be a f**king palace," replied Lateysha.

As Jayne continued to complain, Lateysha told her: "Why did you come on Big Brother if you knew it would be full of young people?

"Have you watched Big Brother before? It's f**king fun!"

Later on, an upset Jayne insisted she wasn't upset.

"I'm not upset," she told Hughie Maughan while on the brink of tears. "Actually, I'm happy.

"I'm happy I've stood up for what I believe in."

Jayne said she wasn't scared of Lateysha as she accused other housemates of tiptoeing around the Welsh reality star.

"They should show some f**king respect," she snapped before sighing: "Maybe they're right, I am on the wrong show."

Big Brother continues tonight at 10PM on Channel 5.

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