Big Brother 2016: New shopping task gets bitchy!

Big Brother 2016

Big Brother's latest shopping task has turned bitchy as the housemates attempt to win a luxury budget.

Earlier today the house was given their second shopping task of the series.

And with the The Others no more, it's all hands on deck to pass and win a luxury shopping budget.

Well, sort of.

While there's no sabotaging going on there is a twist to the latest task with Chelsea, Andy, and Lateysha ultimately in charge of passing.

The trio have become Big Brother's Brain Power housemates and they have to make predictions about what will happen during the various challenges Big Brother will set the rest of the group over the next two days.

If the majority of Chelsea, Andy, and Lateysha's predictions prove true, they'll pass the task.

On the other hand if their predictions miss the mark, the house will fail regardless of the outcomes of the actual challenges the rest of the housemates face.

In the first task, Laura and Sam had to eat their favourite meals... while sat in a bath of blood and fish guts.

Chelsea, Andy, and Lateysha had to correctly predict if they would complete the challenge.

In the next part of the task, the housemates were asked to name the 'Most' and 'Least' housemate in various categories. The Brain housemates had to correctly predict who the housemates would pick.

First was 'Fake' with the housemates naming Jayne the Most Fake and Alex the least.

Next was 'Funny' with Ryan being named the most and Jayne the least.

When it came to 'Sexy' there was a lot of disagreement over who to place where, especially behind the least podium.

Natalie seemed to be put forward by some housemates but she declared: "I'm not standing on the least I can tell you that."

Jayne tried to put herself forward but was told by the other housemates not to.

The results of the task will be revealed on Wednesday night's highlights show at 10PM on Channel 5.

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