Big Brother 2016: Jayne Connery kicks off over cleaning

Big Brother 2016

An unhappy Jayne Connery took aim at her new fellow housemates in the Big Brother house this afternoon.

Just days after joining the main house from the Other house, Jayne was making her presence felt, and the original housemates weren't too pleased.

Jayne kicked off over cleaning almost as soon as she got up, pushing for the group to set up a rota of chores.

"We've never had a rota, it just gets done," Chelsea said.

Jayne complained: "Every day it should be cleaned, every day.

"We are adults, everyone's more interested in putting their weaves in. Yeah, we all wanna look nice but for f**k's sake we've got to live here.

"I don't want to eat off any of these because they've probably got all bacteria on it and I ain't even OCD!"

She then told Andy: "I love them all but they've got to realise they're adults. We should all pitch in, we all live here."

Proposing a group meeting, Jayne added: "It needs to be done daily to keep things down."

Andy suggested that Jayne's approach wasn't going to win her any fans in her new house but she replied: "I'm not bothered, I'm not going to live in a pigsty."

Later on, Chelsea ranted over Jayne: "What's she f**king going on about for no reason?"

Andy said: "I get the sense both her and Natalie are looking for a row all the time, I don't know why.

"They've been here for two [days], I think 'Just take it easy'"

Big Brother continues nightly on Channel 5.

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