Big Brother 2016: "So in love" Charlie Doherty REALLY wants Jason Burrill back

Big Brother 2016

Charlie Doherty reveals she's in love with ex Jason Burrill on tonight's Big Brother 2016.

It's the pair's first full day living with one another ever since Charlie moved into the main house from the other house on Sunday.

In the kitchen, Jason is talking to Alex and Chelsea about Charlie, “Nothing is going to happen in here.”

Later in the living area, Jason tells Charlie that they should support each other. Charlie agrees and confirms, “I will fight for you! I want you back!”

Jason replies, “We are not going in any direction.”

Meanwhile, Lateysha and Georgina are talking on the sofas, they agree that they both like Charlie however it must be awkward for Jason.

The housemates then ask Jason how he is, as he’s been quiet.

He replies, “It’s awkward. I’m feeling awkward so I’m stepping back and she’s carrying on enjoying herself. I’m trying to avoid a situation. She knows how to push my buttons!”

In the bedroom, Charlie is upset and tells Jason, “All I care about is you and me.” He tries to comfort her.

In the diary room, Jason explains to Big Brother, “I know Charlie better than anyone else here. Hopefully I’ve handled it the right way.”

Charlie is upset and tells some of her housemates that she is ‘so in love with Jason’, and wants to be all over him and have him back, “It’s so difficult.”

Big Brother airs tonight at 9PM on Channel 5.

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