Big Brother 2016: Natalie Rowe stirs up trouble again and kicks off after nominations

Big Brother 2016

Natalie Rowe stirs up more trouble on Big Brother 2016 tonight and kicks off following this week's nominations.

In this evening's episode, Natalie begins the day talking to Big Brother in the diary room, and reveals that she is wary of Lateysha.

Meanwhile in the bedroom, Ryan advises Lateysha to be careful of Natalie as ‘she starts arguments for no reason’.

Later, Natalie explains to Andy that the atmosphere in The Other house was dark.

She then stirs things against Jayne, telling Emma: “She does a lot of online dating to meet men. She is not as innocent as you think she is. I’m an open book, she is a dark horse.”

Natalie goes on to befriend Evelyn and Laura, admitting that she’s ‘more sensitive than she thought she was’.

In the evening, following nominations and the reveal to the house, Natalie kicks off in a row over the bedroom.

With some of the housemates settling down to sleep, Lateysha asks Andy to suggest to the housemates that are still up in the living area, to come to bed.

Andy speaks to those outside the bedroom and Natalie is left annoyed, “Why, cos they want to turn the lights off? I don’t understand.”

Jason jumps to Andy's defence and tells Natalie not to ‘shoot the messenger’.

Andy returns to the bedroom and explains, “Some were more sympathetic than others!”

While most housemates head to bed, Natalie heads to the smoking area alone and rants: “I’m not f**king going to bed!”

Big Brother 2016 continues tonight at 9PM on Channel 5.

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