Big Brother update! War on mess, new shopping task and Georgina & Jackson latest

ryan v rylan

Here are all of the latest Big Brother 2016 news headlines and goings on from the house over the past 24 hours.

- There's apparently a Laura Carter sex tape doing the rounds with a seller offering the video - which supposedly stars a footballer - in exchange for £10,000.

- The housemates got a brand new shopping task as Big Brother challenged the newly united to group to play his mind games.

- As part of the task, Laura and Sam had to eat fish and chips while sat in a bath of fish guts.

- Later on in another part of the shopping challenge, things began to get bitchy and it wasn't long before there were fireworks.

- Fresh into the main house fro the others' one, Jayne kicked off over the mess around the kitchen.

- Not long after, Jayne and Lateysha clashed over cleaning with Lateysha snapping: "Why did you come on Big Brother if you knew it would be full of young people? Have you watched Big Brother before? It's f**king fun!"

- Georgina and Jackson's romance continued as he showered her with compliments while she... said very little in return.

- Ryan accidentally died his facial hair jet black. "Why me?!" he sobbed into the bathroom mirror. "You look like Rylan," quipped Sam.

- We now know that three are up for eviction this week with Natalie, Hughie and Charlie facing the axe on Friday. Who do you want out? Vote in our poll HERE!

- Big Brother 2016 continues tonight at 10PM on Channel 5

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