Big Brother 2016: Jackson Blyton and Georgina Leigh Cantwell kiss!

Big Brother 2016

Jackson Blyton and Georgina Leigh Cantwell waste no time when they are reunited in tonight's Big Brother highlights.

The pair were striking up a possible romance between Jackson was evicted into The Other house.

In tonight's show, in The Other diary room, Jackson is seen talking about Georgina following the task between The Others and the Housemates, “I was trying not to look at her but as soon as I caught eyes with her, I was like a child again!

"I don’t know why! Is it Romeo and Juliet when he can’t be with her cos they are in different firms? But in the end they just get together! It’s like that.”

Later, when the two houses become one, Lateysha lets Jackson know that Georgina likes him. He smiles, “That’s all I’ve been wanting to hear!"

On the sofas, Jackson reveals to Georgina that he has missed her in The Other House. He quips: “When am I ever going to meet a girl with a horse?!”

As the new mega household sort out the bed situation, Jackson asks Evelyn if he can share a bed with Georgina.

Later in their bed together, Georgina tells Jackson, “I’m expensive! I love shoes and bags!”

He tells her he ‘likes’ her and kisses her on the lips

Big Brother airs tonight at 10PM on Channel 5.

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