Big Brother 2016: It gets awkward between Jason Burrill and Charlie Doherty

Big Brother 2016

Things get super awkward between Jason Burrill and Charlie Doherty on Big Brother 2016 tonight.

The ex couple came face to face for the first time at the weekend an it's all still sinking in for Jason.

In tonight's show, in the diary room, Jason tells Big Brother about Charlie: “It makes things harder for me.

"My main concern is for her to be happy. An unhappy Charlie is not the best Charlie to be around.”

Later, in the task area, Jason tells Charlie that it is good to see her and that they will have a proper chat later, the pair hug.

When the two houses merge, Jason tells Charlie that he will ‘have her back in the house’. Charlie reveals that she has told The Others about how she treated him as the pair hug.

But meanwhile, Laura and Evelyn are talking about the former couple. Evelyn states, “If it’s a fake romance I’m going to call it! I’ve got my eyes open. My loyalty lies with Jason. He’s got a heart of gold, to think anyone would hurt him breaks my heart.” Laura agrees.

In the smoking area, talk then turns to the bed situation with the extra housemates.

Charlie tells Jason, “I don’t mind top and tailing with you! I’d like to have a little cuddle with you.”

She states that she will ‘fight for him’ and ‘seize the opportunity’.

In the evening, Charlie questions Jason about their relationship and ‘what direction are they going in’. He replies,

He tells her: “We are not together. We are in the Big Brother house, you are putting me in a position again," prompting Charlie to get up and join Jayne in bed.

Big Brother airs tonight at 10PM on Channel 5.

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