Big Brother 2016 spoilers! Who's won nomination immunity? REVEALED!

Big Brother 2016

The Others and The Housemates have finished their Big Brother battle but who's come out on top?

Yesterday, Big Brother gathered both houses for an announcement.

Over the next two days the houses would do battle and the winning team would have sole control of nominations and receive immunity from this week’s eviction.

The Others won the first task which involved all sorts of challenges ranging from downing disgusting shots to a spelling bee.

This afternoon the two groups went at it again with a brand new head to head battle and this one was physical.

In each round, one member of The Others and the Housemates entered an arena which was full of pipes. Randomly, one of the pipes would erupt with gunge and an orb.

It was then a race for the rival team members to try and get the orb back to their team and things got very nasty with people tripping, pushing and jumping over one another as they got drenched in green gunk.

The Housemates won this task leaving things equal going into the final challenge.

For the third and final part of the task, Alex and Jason went head to head for nominations immunity.

They had to unlock a series of boxes by selecting keys which corresponded to answering questions correctly about their fellow Housemates or Others.

Questions included 'How many votes did Georgina receive the last nominations?' and 'In an audience poll which housemate did viewers think is the biggest liar?'

In the final box was a key and the first person to use this key to unlock the silver nominations box would win.

Jason beat Alex to triumph and therefore the Housemates are immune from this week's eviction and will nominate The Others.

Big Brother continues nightly on Channel 5.

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