Big Brother 2016 spoilers: The Others beat Housemates in first immunity battle

Big Brother 2016

The Others beat The Housemates to win the first immunity battle in tonight's Big Brother 2016 highlights.

On this evening's show, Big Brother gathers both houses for an announcement. Over the next two days the houses will do battle; the winning team will have sole control of nominations and receive immunity from this week’s eviction.

Leteysha reacts: “I hope it’s not all questions cos I’m thick as f**k.”

Andy tells some of the Housemates that he looks forward to having new people in the house.

Day 9 Andy.

Sam warns: “The might all be lovely people but they’re all playing a game.”

Andy replies: “So are we, if I met some really lovely people, and I got on better with them than some of the people here now, I would rather they stayed.”

During the task Georgina went head to head with Natalie to deliver some Home Truths and named Andy and Jayne respectively, as the most ‘Untrustworthy.’

Georgina says of her choice: “Your personalities changes a lot, you’re a bigger game-player than everyone thinks, you attacked me at a vulnerable moment and I think that was a tactic.”

Natalie comments: “ I do feel that Jayne isn’t all that she makes out to be, she also seems to be the queen of kiss ‘n’ tells and makes out that the money she earns from these kiss ‘n’ tells all go to charity and I don’t believe that at all.”

After a series of head to head challenges including Hughie and Sam in a Spelling Bee where no-one scored, and Chelsea winning against Andy in a General Knowledge round, The Other’s won the most points and have therefore won the first round in the battle for immunity and power to nominate.

Following the tasks, Natalie tells Charlie that she hopes they won’t fall out over comments Natalie made about Jayne during her part of the Battle.

Charlie replies “I don’t pick sides, I’m a mutual person.”

Natalie responds, laughing: “Neutral not mutual. You took one for the team though…. I think Jason is gonna be alright.”

Meanwhile, over in the main house, some of the housemates analyze their performance during the task.


Emma suggests “We need to be a bit more ruthless…I need to stop being so worried about upsetting people.

Georgina agrees: “You’ve just got to think, they would throw you under the bus.”

Big Brother airs tonight at 9PM on Channel 5.

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