Big Brother 2016: Laura Carter has a problem with Andy West

Big Brother 2016

Laura Carter takes aim at Andy West on Big Brother in tonight's latest highlights show.

It's follows Friday night's live eviction when Marco was booted out of the house.

In tonight's show, Laura is seen in the Diary Room talking to Big Brother about a comment made by Andy made when Marco left.

Laura says: “Apparently Andy said, ‘Well that was a reality check,’ it was b***hy, I’ve seen another side to him.”

Later, when some of the housemates are in the garden, Laura tells Andy that she didn’t like the comment he made when Marco left.

Andy explains: “I meant it was a reality check to everyone because I didn’t expect it to happen.”

Laura replies: “Well that makes sense then.”

Elsewhere tonight, Andy plays mind reader to Jason after his ex girlfriend Charlie was revealed to be one of The Others.

In the kitchen, Andy tells Jason that he can predict the future in the soapsuds.

Andy remarks: “I see a blonde bird with big boobs, with a s**t load of drama and stress for you.”

Jason quips: “I must have the same gift cos I can see the same s**t

More highlights on this evening’s show include The Others getting worked up about cleaning and both houses facing each other for the first time where Jayne gets upset by Natalie’s ‘Home Truths.’

Big Brother airs tonight at 9PM on Channel 5.

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