Big Brother 2016 housemates read out mean tweets about themselves

Big Brother 2016

The Big Brother Housemates read out mean tweets about them today as part of the weekend's task.

Over today and tomorrow The Others and The Housemates are going head to head in a series of challenges.

The overall winner will gain control of the upcoming nominations, deciding who faces eviction next Friday night.

The head to head battles begun earlier as, for the very first time this year, the Housemates and Others came face to face in the Other Garden.

For the first part of the task, Big Brother called up one member in each team to go head to head in a random challenge.

Emma and Jayne had to identify which Housemate or Other the mean tweet read out had been written about.

Jason battle Alex in a left handed arm wrestling match.

Andy and Chelsea had to correctly answer Big Brother's brain teasers.

Charlie and Evelyn faced off in an egg smashing challenge.

Jackson and Laura raced to eat a disgusting century egg.

Georgina and Natalie had to tell home truths, with questions including 'Who would you evict right now?

Sam and Hughie were challenged with a spelling bee.

Finally, Ryan and Lateysha had to down disgusting shots as fast as possible.

The winning side will gain an advantage but the weekend's 'war' isn't over yet!

Tune in to Sunday night's show for the results while Monday night will see the two groups merge in the main House for the first time this series.

BB continues nightly on Channel 5.

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