Big Brother 2016: Here's why Jason Burrill dumped Charlie Doherty

Big Brother 2016

Jason Burrill has revealed on Big Brother 2016 about why he dumped Charlie Doherty.

Of course this is only his side of the story!

On last night's show, Jason came face to face with Charlie for the first time on the series.

He had no idea that she was one of The Others in the second house and was clearly stunned by the reveal during the live eviction show.

Charlie on the other hand had been aware of Jason's presence on the show and told him via a video link between the houses she was 'sorry for everything' and asked to be taken back.

Chatting to the other housemates after the reveal, Jason explained: "She's got a heart of gold, if she's with someone, she's with them, if she's not, she's a party girl.

"She's great fun to be with, but the downside is she's got a short temper, it's a proper short fuse, and I couldn't deal with a short temper."

He added cryptically: "A few bits and pieces happened towards the end where I've just gone that's it, enough's enough, I can't take this."

As for a reunion, Jason didn't seem too sure but did admit: "I'm not going to not have feelings for her."

However when asked by Lateysha Grace if he'd have sex with Charlie if they got together in the house, Jason responded: "No chance.

"I'm probably going to have more chance having sex with Andy and Sam."

Big Brother continues nightly on Channel 5 with Jason and Charlie coming together when both The Housemates and The Others merge on Sunday night.

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