Big Brother 2016: The Others revealed to The Housemates as two sides go to WAR

Big Brother 2016

The Others were REVEALED to The Housemates in tonight's Big Brother 2016 live show.

On launch, 12 housemates entered the the main house while, unknown to them at the time, six others entered the 'Other house'.

Since then there have been a few switches between the two halves and while The Housemates have known about the presence of The Others they didn't know all of their identities until now.

While the main house were aware of Ryan, as well as ex-Housemates Alex, Jackson and Chelsea, the rest were unknowns.

Tonight saw Charlie, Natalie, Jayne and Hughie revealed to the main house in a special live twist.

In the main house, Big Brother unveiled all of The Others to The Housemates, showing them a video of The Others in their garden with face masks.

One at a time, Big Brother instructed The Others to unveil their identities with former couple Charlie and Jason finally coming face to face.

While Charlie has known about Jason being in the main house, Jason had up until now been unaware of her being in The Other House.

"I'm so sorry for everything, take me back babe!" Charlie told ex Jason via the video link.

But Big Brother had more news, telling both sides that they would be going to WAR over the next 48 hours.

And with victory would come great power with the winning side in full control of the next round of nominations.

Regardless of which side comes out on top, there will be another twist as The Others and Housemates merge together.

Sunday night will see the group become one for the very first time this year as The Others move into the Main House.

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Big Brother 2016 continues nightly on Channel 5.

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