Big Brother 2016: Chelsea Singh brands Jayne Connery a "dirty w***e"

Big Brother 2016

Chelsea Singh brands Jayne Connery a "dirty w***e" on tonight's Big Brother 2016.

The pair, who have some history together, have been clashing ever since Chelsea moved to The Other House earlier on in the week.

Last night we saw Chelsea allege that Jayne wanted to do a kiss and tell on him after finding that he was 'worth a few quid'.

On tonight's show, the atmosphere between the two gets even more tense as Chelsea doesn't hold back with his feelings.

Chatting with Chelsea about Jayne, Natalie tells the self-made millionaire: “She says she doesn’t believe in cheating cause she says that’s what her agency is all about, catching cheaters”

However Chelsea responds: “But she’s the girl who cheats on everybody, she’s a kiss and tell…

"She is a lying f**king b***h…Dirty w***e!”

Elsewhere in tonight's show it seems as though The Others are all at one another's throats.

While Chelsea rages about Jayne, Natalie fumes over Hughie Maughan.

She rants: “I can’t bear being in the same place as Hughie, I never want to see that f**ker ever again in my life after this place, it’s actually painful to be around him.

"I’m just hoping I’ve get to nominate against him face to face, cause boy I’ve got some things to tell him”

Big Brother airs tonight at 9PM on Channel 5 with the latest highlights and first live eviction with host Emma Willis.

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