Big Brother 2016: Georgina Leigh Cantwell fumes over a wet hoodie

Big Brother 2016

Georgina Leigh Cantwell and Andy West clashed in the Big Brother house today over the mystery of the wet hoodie.

It began when Georgina found her precious black hoodie had been drenched after being left on the floor of the garden.

"This is soaked," she moaned. "Thanks. I left it on the bed not on the floor... f**king rude..."

Georgina then stomped into the bedroom in a bid to find the culprit but Andy took objection to her questioning of the other housemates about him.

"I'm not being angry at you, I just think its disrespectful for someone to put it on the floor," Georgina said.

Andy insisted it wasn't him and complained about Georgina's attitude, saying: "I've stuck up for you in here... I feel let down, it's like you want to pick fights with people all the time."

Potentially proving Andy's point, Georgina then disagreed over if the hoodie was 'wet' or 'damp'.

Andy concluded: "I didn't touch it, it was nothing to do with me."

Georgina explained: "I think it's disrespectful, I wouldn't chuck somebody else's clothing on the floor.

"I simply asked if Andy had put it on the floor and now he thinks I'm launching an investigation... I asked a question."

Big Brother continues nightly on Channel 5.

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