Big Brother 2016: After THAT kiss, Ryan Ruckledge and Hughie Maughan get super awkward

Big Brother 2016

Things between Ryan Ruckledge and Hughie Maughan were rather awkward in The Other House on Big Brother 2016 yesterday.

It's after the pair snogged the night before when Ryan returned to the main house after failing his secret task.

He had been set a challenge to win full housemate status by trying to get Laura Carter up for eviction.

But when, with only the one nomination, she wasn't up for the chop, Big Brother told Ryan that he had to return to The Other House immediately.

After rejoining the second house and losing his potential Housemate status, Ryan almost immediately got close with Hughie in the garden.

The pair were seen play fighting and hugging before kissing on a bench outside.

Ryan then pulled away and remarked about being on "national television".

The morning after and things were rather awkward.

Ryan confessed he "proper liked" Hughie but didn't feel he was being taking seriously.

"I'm actually being serious," said Ryan, "Why are you doing this to someone's feelings, you're messing with someone's head.

"I woke up today and felt awkward, you're stringing me on. You're being totally off with me."

Hughie replied: "You're acting all weird."

Ryan responded: "You're the one being weird."

He added: "I'm telling you I like you but I feel like I'm getting pied."

Is this Big Brother or Love Island?!

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