Big Brother morning update! Ryan & Hughie fallout, first eviction and #CakeGate

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Here's all of the latest Big Brother 2016 news from the past 24 hours in this year's two houses.

- In the Main House, the housemates set up a game of make-shift football from what they could find around the house.

- Over the wall in The Other House a slightly different aspect of the great game was up for discussion as Ryan revealed he had slept with a Chelsea footballer who he could not name.

- After their kiss yesterday, things were super awkward between Ryan and Hughie as the X Factor reject admitted to 'really really really really fancying' the Dubliner.

- After cooking her cake, Georgina wasn't happy with Marco's criticisms as the Great British Bake Off met Big Brother.

- Later on, Georgina was fuming again, this time clashing with Andy over a wet hoodie.

- In The Other House, Chelsea got a secret task with a twist as a party was offered up to the Others ahead of the eviction tonight.

- Meanwhile, the Housemates passed the time by giving one another eyebrow makeovers.

- Later, Lateysha taught Marco how to twerk.

- It's the first eviction TONIGHT with Marco, Georgina, Andy and Emma all up for the chop. Marco is the favourite to go in our poll with almost two-thirds of all the votes.

- Ratings: 910,000 viewers watched last night's highlights on Channel 5, excluding +1.

- Big brother airs tonight at 9PM on Channel 5 LIVE with Emma Willis for the first eviction results.

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