Big Brother 2016 nominations: Who nominated who? See here!

Big Brother 2016

The first Big Brother 2016 nominations have taken place and here's a look at who nominated who.

Yesterday afternoon, Big Brother gathered the housemates in the main house to reveal they would be nominating for the very first time this series.

Big Brother explained that one by one, each housemate would be called to the Diary Room to give the names of the TWO people they wanted to nominate.

As part of the nominations, 'new Housemate' Ryan Ruckledge cannot be nominated and will not nominate.

Big Brother - who nominated who?

Laura nominated Georgina: “I feel Georgina is quite a negative person, and even though it’s funny, we laugh at her resting bitch face and things…I feel when she said about me and Marco…I feel she went a bit overboard saying that I had less morals” Her second nomination was Sam.

Jason nominated Laura: “The getting together with Marco after a couple of days, they’re two adults and they can do whatever they want…If you’re touching each other explicitly in front of people after a short time, then sometimes you’ve just got to draw the line” His second nomination was Lateysha.

Evelyn nominated Georgina: “She is a bit of a Debbie Downer” Her second nomination was Andy.

Sam nominated Andy and his second nomination was Marco: “He constantly turns everything back to himself”

Emma nominated Andy and her second nomination was Georgina.

Lateysha nominated Marco. “I find him very much annoying and talks about himself way too much…If you’ve been to Tenerife he’s been to Elevenerife” Her second nomination was Andy.

Georgina nominated Emma: “She is my negative energy in here” Her second nomination was Marco.

Andy nominated Evelyn and his second nomination was Emma.

Marco nominated Georgina: “She talks behind other people’s backs” His second nomination was Andy.

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Big Brother continues nightly on Channel 5 with the first live eviction Friday night from 9PM with Emma Willis.

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