Big Brother news! First nominations, bitching in the pod, Chelsea and Jayne clash again

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Here are all of the latest Big Brother headlines from the two houses over the past 24 hours

- Housemates yesterday took part in their very first nominations! Only those in the main house nominated and only Housemates could be nominated. Furthermore, 'new housemate' Ryan could not be nominated and did not nominate.

- Ryan told Big Brother he doubted passing his secret mission to get Laura up for eviction and admitted to not even trying.

- After nominations, Emma felt she needed to cleanse so spent the afternoon treehugging.

- In the Other House, Alex Cannon stripped off for a topless baby oil massage because... why not?!

- Georgina and Lateysha turned on Andy in a bitching session in the pod. "He's not quite as sweet as everyone thought," Georgina said to Lateysha's agreement.

- Ryan woke up in a bad mood, moaning about a lack of food.

- Luckily for the X Factor reject, the time for the first shopping list quickly arrived as housemates bickered over what to buy.

- The housemates passed the time by telling ghost series.

- Chelsea and Jayne argued again over their past as both continued to disagree over who owed who an apology with both insisting the other was lying.

- Last night saw Big Brother post its best ratings since the day after launch night with a total audience of 1.1 million viewers, excluding +1.

- Big Brother airs tonight at 9PM on Channel 5.

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