Big Brother 2016: Andrew Tate says he only did the show 'for the money'

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Andrew Tate claims he only took part in Big Brother 'for the money'.

The housemate was removed from the show on Monday night over footage of him and his girlfriend released by a tabloid .

Andrew, who has since threatened to prosecute over the 'revenge porn' attack, was kick out over the clip which involves him whipping his ex-girlfriend in a 'kinky sex game'.

It's now been claimed that Andrew was invited to audition for the show after turning it down two years previously.

"I warned them I'm a bad choice because I don't take jive from nobody, but they insisted," he wrote on Facebook.

Andrew added: "Then they finally made me an offer I couldn't refuse."

In a further interview on TalkRadio, Andrew said he was only in the show "for the money".

"I had zero interest in having fun in there," he explained. "It was impossible for me to have fun with people on a completely different wavelength to me.

"I had one goal and that only goal was success in my task. There's nothing else that I could have enjoyed."

Andrew went on to brand his exit "unfair".

"I don't want to insult the Big Brother team because they've been fantastic on so many levels, and they're genuinely nice people," he told the radio station. "But I have to feel that my predicament is a little bit unfair, especially considering that Natalie, for example, is a dominatrix and probably does far, far worse as a professional and brags about it."

In response to Andrew's claims, Channel 5 denied that housemates are paid are fee.

Big Brother told the Daily Mirror newspaper: "We hold open auditions and also invited some people to audition as part of the ordinary process to select Housemates.

"All Housemates must audition to be considered as a Housemate in the series.

"Unlike Celebrity Big Brother, Housemates are not paid to participate as they have a chance of winning £100,000."

Big Brother continues nightly on Channel 5.

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