Big Brother 2016: Jayne Connery and Chelsea Singh mystery REVEALED!

Big Brother 2016

What happened between Jayne Connery and Chelsea Singh is finally revealed on tonight's Big Brother 2016.

We knew the pair had a past and tonight everything comes out when they appear face to face.

In this evening's show, in The Other House, Jayne tells Natalie that she wants to ‘say stuff’ to Chelsea and reveals: “We don’t have a relationship, we were just friends. We left on bad terms.”

Day 8 Chelsea.

As part of a twist, as seen on last night's live show, Chelsea is called to the diary room. Housemates watch on; Big Brother tells him that there is another house and that The Others have been plotting against the house.

He is told that The Others picked him as the ‘biggest horror’ and he is no longer a housemates; he then goes to The Other house where he must try and win back his housemate status.

Chelsea joins The Others, and Jayne whispers, “Thank you Big Brother.”

Almost immediately, Jayne confronts Chelsea and asks for an apology but he tells her he doesn’t think he owes her one.

Jayne then talks about Chelsea to Natalie, “He was the one after me, I told him I didn’t want a relationship as he was with someone, I have proof of that. He told me he didn’t have a partner, it was never a romantic thing, he wanted it and I said no, he’s not my type. I wanted him as a friend.”

Jayne and Chelsea agree to get along. Jayne announces that they have previously snogged, and Chelsea reveals that he is in a complicated relationship.

He tells about his Big Brother experience, “It is for me to see and know what my life situation should be. My life how it is, has been is wrong.”

Later, Jayne is in the diary room crying to Big Brother about Chelsea.

And after that, Chelsea is also in The Other diary room, telling Big Brother that he wants to leave. He declares, “I’m smart and successful, I haven’t come into this show to be second best!”

Elsewhere tonight, Charlie Doherty and Jason Burrill speak about each other in their respective houses.

In the bedroom, Jason is talking about ex Charlie, “Had five months of not very good, she was just angry, I’m not going to diss her. In the end I said enough. I think she’s good deep down. I’ve said to her never say never.”

Day 8 Evelyn and Jason.

Still unaware she's also on the show, Charlie was talking to Big Brother in The Other Diary Room, “Jason will either be happy and welcoming to me, or he could be really like WTF are you doing here?”

Big Brother airs tonight at 10PM on Channel 5.

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