Big Brother 2016 housemates nominate as Ryan Ruckledge is RUMBLED

Big Brother 2016

The first Big Brother 2016 nominations will take place later today, it's been revealed.

We're a week into the series and the first eviction is planned for Friday night.

Rylan Clark-Neal confirmed on Bit On The Side this morning that the housemates in the main house would be nominating later.

However he didn't reveal exactly how the nominations will be going down: Here's hoping it'll be in the Diary Room without any messing!

There is of course already a bit of a twist involved in this week's nominations.

Back on Friday night, Others Andrew Tate and Ryan Ruckledge moved from the Other House to the Main House.

Over the weekend they were told by Big Brother that they had to target a housemate and get them up for eviction in order to win full Housemate status.

The Others picked to target Laura Carter but since then Andrew has been removed and Ryan hasn't even bothered with the task.

Although despite not actually trying to encourage the housemates to nominate Laura, Ryan's still been rumbled.

"He's definitely been an Other housemate," Georgina Leigh Cantwell and Lateysha Grace concluded in the house last night.

After Big Brother finally confirmed the existence of The Other House and The Others, the Housemates were all sure Ryan had come from there.

"It just makes so much sense," Sam Giffen said, "He never speaks when we talk about [the Other House].

"He's desperate to be in here."

So with Ryan's secret mission failed it seems he won't be becoming a housemate after all but what punishment will Big Brother have in store for him?

Stick with us for all the latest!

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